Why More Men Need To Join The Nursing Profession

Why More Men Need To Join The Nursing Profession

During the past few decades, the nursing profession has transformed so much. Once seen as a career choice for women, the majority of men have found significant opportunities in the nursing field. They are entering the nursing field with maximum rates more than ever before. Nursing assignment writing is the best option if you are a nursing student and require assistance with your online assignment help. Let’s discuss the few benefits of being a male nurse.

1. Nursing Is An In-Demand 

Nursing industry is growing at a rapid pace. It is set to grow by 7% from 2019 to 2029. According to NMC ( Nursing and Midwifery Council), the percentage of male nurses UK 2022 is 10.8 out of a total registered number of 690,000 in the UK. The nursing profession has encountered an increased demand as the country’s old population is growing, and they age and require care.

Employing male nurses has become more important due to growing demand. Hiring men is a great way to find qualified nurses as females can not fill all positions. Nurses can also get flexible schedule options. Men who decide to become a nurse can rest assured that they are joining a dynamic profession.

2. Nurses Are Well Paid

Nurses are not only in high demand, but also they earn well. Men who want to earn good wages can consider the nursing profession. It provides stable pay; the annual male nurse salary is $ 67000. Moreover, when male nurses enter a female-dominated career, they tend to see a rise in their pay by up to 3.8%.

The nurse’s salary may change by region, speciality, qualification and experience. The nursing field also offers travel opportunities to interested employees who want to travel to new places and learn new skills. Nursing is a profession where you find the perfect balance of autonomy, passion for patient care and high paying salary.

3. No Stigma Around Being A Male Nurse

As strange as it sounds, there was a time when many stigmas attached to men turned into a nurse. These social restrictions are still somehow hard to overcome completely. The expected growth of the nursing profession offers attractive career choices to men and women.

The growing shift in cultural perceptions and expectations of gender roles has offered men to take the role of nurturing at home as well as at the workplace. Many men experience that patients value nurses and recognize the importance and care they receive and not just view them as venturing stones to doctors.

4. Job Stability

As discussed earlier, the demand for qualified and trained nurses is high across the country. Nursing is an excellent industry for individuals who want job opportunities with stability. The high demand for nurses implies more competition.

The essential experience and credentials in nursing will help you secure a career with wider work options and greater stability. You can get the job as per your interest in different geographical locations. And very less chance of losing the job after acquiring it.

5. Career Flexibility

Nursing is among one the professions which offer great flexibility. Think of the places where nurses work hospitals, schools and nursing homes. Qualified nurses can get numerous work options where ever they desire.

Male nurses can choose the option which suits their strengths and interest. Nurses who want to work during regular hours can choose a business-like schedule. Some prefer three shifts per week, allowing them to be fully employed and get enough time for family.

6. The Nursing Profession Has Several Specialities

Nursing is a wide field, and it offers various career roads to pursue. You can choose anaesthesia nursing if you are a technical person. But if you like to work with kids, you can opt for paediatrics.

There are also several management positions, nurse practitioner roles, and nursing education. You can choose any role that makes you happy and provide a sense of purpose.

7. Some Patients Prefer Male Nurses

Various patients require healthcare. All patients have different needs and requirements. For instance, some men feel shy to feel vulnerable in front of females and mostly prefer male nurses for care as they are more comfortable with male nurses.

Some other nursing professions involve catheter procedures in which male patients are more comfortable with male nurses than females. Also some families like single dads are more with male nurses.

8. Male Receive Competitive Compensation

Even though females dominate the nursing field, male nurses earn more than their female competitors. Per the survey, the male nurse, on average, earns $5000 more than the female nurse.

The men entering a nursing career have confidence that they will earn good money with job security. There is always going to be high demand for nurses.

9. Male Nurses Can Inspire Young Boys

When young boys see the great example of male nurses in society, it will help decrease the gender stereotype early. Male nurses will be great models for the young boys who can learn from their stories and be something that defies men’s traditional role in society.

10. Help Shatter The Stereotype

Diversity is important for every industry, especially the healthcare industry. When more men join the nursing profession, they will help break the bias, and this stereotype will be a thing of the past.

If you are a man and aspire to be a nurse, believe in yourself and move a step forward. Everyone is capable of caring; you will send this message to everyone by becoming a healthcare worker.

The rate of men entering in nursing career continues to grow in-country. The advantage of a patient-care job keeps on inspiring the prospective males. The nursing industry proceeds to develop, and demand for qualified nurses increases, making it a well-paid and stable career choice for long-term growth. Suppose you are a nursing student struggling to finish your assignment on time. Take assistance from our nursing assignment writing, which provides online assignment help for every nursing subject at very affordable prices.