Terms And Conditions

We are the top of the line, leading professional academic writing service in the country. Our aim is to always provide professional and high-quality academic help to students so that they may excel in their academia exponentially. It is with the utmost regard for our customers that we perform our tasks. In order to provide the best possible service, we have developed a proper code of conduct that we ensure with all of our clients. The following are the detailed terms and conditions that are the basis for all official interactions with us.

To ensure that gracious professionalism is maintained and that there are no misunderstandings between any client and any member of our team, we urge all visitors to carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions before engaging in any official contract with us. Once an official business deal has been made then it is considered that the client has read, understood and agreed with all of the terms detailed below. Note that in following the words “us”, “we” and “our” are exclusively used for Britain Paper.

Copyright Issues And Trademark:

Any and all content that is displayed on our website is the intellectual property of Britain Paper. This includes all graphical and textual content, designs, formats, programming, software and services. Any attempt to use any of the content displayed on this website for any purpose not directly affiliated with Britain Paper is illegal and punishable by the extent of the law. It is assumed that all viewers are thus aware of the same.

Contacting Information:

In order to bring customers up to date with any information regarding order completing or discounts and offers, the following modes of communications are used by us.

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Whatsapp messages

Payment Options:

It is necessary for all clients to pay all dues before any work on their orders can begin. Any delay in payment of dues may lead to a delay in the submission of the work. In this case, we will not be responsible for the delays. Payments can either be made into our account as a direct bank transfer or they can be wired into our account. To obtain our bank account details please contact our customer representative team.

Our Privacy Policy:

Being registered with the government, we are followers of the Data Protection Act and the Companies Act. A stated in these acts we never disclose any of our customers’ personal information to anyone or any third party organization, However, also as stated in the aforementioned acts, we are expected to and will disclose any information about any client if demanded by the jurisdiction.

Service Usage Liability:

In case any loss or damage to property or otherwise occurs as a consequence of misuse of facilities offered by us, Britain Paper will not be held responsible.

Policy Of Website Alternation:

We reserve the rights to change, alter or even modify any number of parts of the website that we deem necessary at any time without any prior notification or consent from customers. All changes will displayed for viewership on the website once they have been completed.