Refund Policy

We ensure a prompt refund if the customer is eligible for it. We refund the cash paid by the customer to his credit card. Customers paying in VAT must remember that it is not refundable.

We also have another offer for customers besides refunding cash into the credit card. You can use the cash paid for any other service you might take in the future. It will remain stored with us and adjusted when you place an order in future.

Following are the conditions to get a 100% cashback.

  • We failed to deliver the work within the defined deadline.
  • The deadline has passed the point to have any chance for you to submit and pass the paper.
  • We failed to find an author to do your paper. You must note that this case is very rare and is mentioned only for the clarification of terms.

Following is the condition to qualify for a 50% cashback.

  • You cancel the order when the writer has just started doing your work. In such a case, the writer will be eligible for compensation, and you can get a 50% refund.

Following are the conditions to get a 70% or a 30% cashback.

  • We discovered the writer and assigned him the task late enough when the considerable time of deadline had passed.
  • We failed to fulfil your request for modification that you have sent within the allowed time.

Following are the additional conditions and special cases for getting a full or partial refund.

  • If we missed the deadline and you still allow us to complete the task, expand the deadline. We will charge half of the due amount from you.
  • In case we have missed the deadline, and the paper is of no use for you, you are eligible for a full refund.

We do not offer any refund for the number of correct answers in the case of multiple-choice questions. If our writers solve questions for you and most of them are wrong, you qualify for a partial refund.

Delivered orders

Once the writers have completed the task, we deliver the order to you through email. You can download the work from there. You get the authority of the document once you download it completely. You can ask for free revisions if you find any of your guidelines are not followed.

We ensure to provide plagiarism-free content. Still, if we might have missed something by mistake, we offer cashback. If the content comes out as plagiarized above 25%, you are eligible for a full refund.

In case the existing writer declines your request for modification, we will assign another writer for the task.

Disputes handling

If your case is not satisfied with any of the above-mentioned conditions, you might demand a dispute. We have well-defined strategies to handle such disputes with the highest possible level of neutrality and unbiasedness. You must have adequate evidence to support your claims.

Credited/Discounted work

In case you have received a discount or refund for work, you no longer have its authority. The company reserves the right to use it for business purposes on our website. You can neither use nor place any claim against it afterwards.

Britain paper never guarantees any specific grades to customers. We only strive to offer you the best quality work. Your utilization of the paper indicates your satisfaction. In case of any uncertain scores or grades, you are not eligible for any refund or discount.