Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Britain Paper is a company that cares about its customers most in terms of their work and privacy. Our company can proudly state that we deliver high-quality, unique, innovative, and perfect documents to our customers. We successfully satisfy our customers and make them happy with our amazing services and flawless work that fulfils all their expectations. And when it comes to the privacy of our clients, we have very strong and foolproof privacy policies that are strictly followed. If you take any of our services, we assure you that all your data and personal information is in safe hands. You do not need to worry about it.

This is how we process and protect your data and how our privacy policy works.

Personal data:

We understand very well how important and worthy anyone’s personal data is. This is why we keep all your personal data confidential. Your personal data includes your name, email, contact number, and all the essential details you provide us while ordering or taking help from our assignment writing service. No one except our team who needs this data to contact you can access your personal data or misuse it. Client data is only used to communicate with them.

Secured transactions and payment:

We use the best and most secure method of payment. Because along with high-quality work, our objective is to protect the privacy of our clients. Our secured method of payment cannot be hacked and is safe from any scam, unlike other methods. As we are using a secure payment, that means it is not fraud or scam. Your bill and account details are not disclosed to any person, not even to the employees of our company.

Data saving:

Our method of saving customers’ data is safe and secure. We do not provide our client’s personal data to any outsider. All the information is saved in a secured data saver, which automatically hides all the confidential information by changing it to password format so that no one else can access or see it.


The client can access their information anytime, and they have access to their information all the time. And they can also see how we are processing their information.

Automatically collected data:

Every time when anyone visits our site, the company automatically collects some data of the user. This data may include the information and details about the device you are using, your location, search history, IP address, and some other this type of data. The data collected is then used to improve users’ experience, improve our service, and introduce any new service.

How long we keep your personal data:

We keep your personal data with us as long as your order is completed and we get positive feedback from the client. Even customer has a right to ask the company to delete their personal data. Although after taking our services our company may send some promotional emails regarding any new progress or offers to keep our customers informed.

Britain Paper guarantees complete secure privacy for all the customers.