Revision Policy

Britain Paper has faith in innovation, creativity, and uniqueness. We believe in delivering the best high, premium quality work to our clients, and we make sure that our customer is fully satisfied and happy with our service. Every document goes through a long process to guarantee that it is up to the mark and free from all errors. But in case if any of our clients are not satisfied with the delivered service they can demand numerous revisions as per our rules and regulations. We demand everyone, especially our consumers, to read all the policies of our assignment writing service.

Britain Paper accepts the demand of revision only in the following circumstances:

  • We offer countless revisions if the request for revision is made within 60 days. If the customer has not contacted our company in 60 days after delivering work, Britain Paper will accept that the document delivered is up to the mark and the client is satisfied with our work.
  • If the request for revision is made after 60 days, then the client is obligated to pay for revision. The policy of free revisions is only for 60 days.
  • When the customer is not happy with the final document delivered, they can ask for revision.
  • We try our best to follow all the instructions of the client, but if any of their instructions are missed, or the writer has not added the information they have requested, they can ask for revision.
  • Customers are requested to pay additionally if they want to add something new in the document once the company has delivered the work.
  • When the client comes up with any editing error or finds any grammatical error, they can request a revision. And we are assured to revise your assignment again and again until all the errors are corrected and the client is satisfied.
  • We guide our writers to prepare a completely new, unique, and authentic piece of work for every customer. Our writers are highly qualified and experts who complete your work carefully with full concentration and check it from every angle before sending it to the client. Still, if you find any plagiarism in our work and prove it, we will surely revise your work again and make it unique.
  • If your document is too long and has more words than any ordinary article, then the time limit to request revision may extend as we can understand that it would take time to check any lengthy document.
  • Your demand for the revision of the paper would be rejected if we found that there was any conflict or difference between your instructions at the time of revision and while ordering.
  • The revision would be free for the clients no matter how long your document or paper is.
  • The request for revisions is not accepted during public holidays and festivals.

Important note: must read the above instructions before requesting for the revision. If your request does not come under the umbrella of our rules and requirements, then your request will be rejected.