Revision Policy

Revision Policy

Britain Paper completely understands that it sometimes gets complicated to complete multiple projects at a time. Due to this, we facilitate students with unlimited revisions keeping into consideration the conditions. The revision period starts right after the delivery date and remains available for up to a month or six until the final handling of the paper. Once you claim for the revision, you have to avail of it within 7 days or, in some cases, 21 days. Otherwise, it expires. The customer is only eligible to claim a revision within the allowed period of time. If the customer wants revision, he must contact the quality control group to discuss the modification they need. The other way is that they can send an email to request the writer to revise their work and make necessary amendments.

We offer free revisions in case the customer is not satisfied with the content or quality. The same is the case for late delivery. The foremost objective of our service is to provide top-notch academic writing services to our valued customers. You can trust our best-quality services and make the most of our free revision policy. To avail of this facility, you must be eligible under the below-mentioned criteria.

Consistency with guidelines

The revision you are claiming must be in alignment with the guidelines you have provided early for your work. You are not eligible to ask for a revision on a different subject. Also, you must apply for the appropriate amendment application. Only informing the customer service representative is not enough. You must make proper demands by sending an email that must include all our comments. They must be highlighted.

One week’s deadline

After you receive your paper, you are eligible to claim revision anytime you want. However, once you have supported your revision request, you will have to avail yourself of the free- revision policy within seven days.

It might happen that sometimes the request is not appropriate enough and needs certain amendments. There may be several reasons why a request is considered inappropriate or not proper enough to get accepted. The reasons may include the following factors affecting the request.

You may want to change a great deal of content in your work.

  • Asking for revisions without any preparation.
  • Asking for amendments according to guidelines that were not shared before.
  • Want an out of context amendment.

In any of such cases, you will not be eligible for free revision and will have to pay additional charges according to the amendments required. They may vary in each case. If your request falls in any of the earlier mentioned cases, contact our support team to get an estimate of the charges for each case. You will not be charged an additional fee without prior notification.

Similarly, in case of missing the seven-day free-revision period, you will have to pay for revision even if it is consistent with prior guidelines.

We understand that sometimes, one week might not be enough, such as in the case of a full proposition. Such cases are treated differently under progressive delivery highlights. Such orders can be revised within 21 days after delivery and initial approval.

You have the opportunity to assign the revision task to another writer if you want. However, you will have to pay additional charges for the writer. Also, you will have to increase the deadline by 12 hours.